Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, I finally found time to make another post. Weekend before last, Brayden's cousins (Ashlynn, Sydney, and James Austin) and his Aunt Crystal and Uncle Richie came to Dothan for the Peanut Festival Fair. We all had a wonderful time. Brayden and James Austin road the bumper cars together. Then, Brayden and all the cousins rode the spinnning bears. Brayden had the best time. He was running from ride to ride. We did not get home until after 10:30. He was exhausted. We skipped church and went to my Mama and Daddy's house for a late breakfast and to spend a little more time with the family. We had a great weekend! I really wish they lived closer, so we could spend more time together! Mama had a friend, Darcy Vann, come over and take some pictures of all of us in our backyard. They turned out really good, and believe it or not ALL the children cooperated! That's a FIRST! Even the men cooperated!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Hello, I am trying to create a BLOG for our family. I hope I am able to do this!

Here is a picture of our precious little one, Brayden. He is growing so fast! I can hardly believe he is 2 years old!

He is very excited about this weekend. His cousins (Ashlynn, Sydney, and James Austin) and Aunt Chrystal and Uncle Richie are coming home to go to the Peanut Festival Fair. Bryant has a football game tonight. They play Cottondale. Brayden loves to go watch his Daddy's team play football!